Paperless Music

Paperless Music is three things:

First it's a web-based tool to edit, store, and display your music. No more wondering who has the latest version, trying to make the same notes on everybody's copy, which version or which key you are performing. And it's 2016, paper music???

Second, it's a tool for use on stage, singers/vocalists who have a free hand can scroll on a tablet, and all other tablets follow along, allowing musicians who don't have a free hand to be in sync. Laptops, tablets, and phones are all supported as it's just a webpage in your browser.

Third, it will drive a projector. No more worrying about whether the projector operator is paying attention, if they got the latest changes in lyrics or song order, and it supports simple other slides. The same scrolling that is performed by one of the vocalists drives the projector output, ensuring what the music team is performing or leading is what is displayed on the projector.

The musicians get a view that includes chords, while the projector gets a view with only the words.


The plan is to open this up to any church or music team who would like to use the system. We also plan to open up the source to anybody who would like to contribute and further develop the system and concept.


Developed by IES Technologies for Restoration Messianic Fellowship.